View south from roof of the houseWelcome to the new blog of Strawberry Hill House Garden.

The garden is listed as Grade II* in the English Heritage Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest and since October 2010 has been undergoing significant restoration works.

The principle long-term aspiration will be to restore and conserve the surviving landscape design and its features and to recognize the status of Strawberry Hill as a nationally, if not internationally, significant landscape both for its historical associations and for the fabric and layout of its grounds.

The detail of the planting arrangements during Horace Walpole’s tenure and during the 19th century is reasonably well known due to the existence of extensive accounts, plans and illustrations.

It is clear that the gardens and grounds offered a carefully orchestrated composition of landscape views; that the layout was arranged to take the greatest advantage of the natural topography; raised ground offered the opportunity for prospect, terraces provided walks and channelled views particularly towards the river Thames and beyond.

This blog will document the replanting of  a wide varitety of trees, shrubs and flowering plants over the coming year.

Please check back for regular updates and photographs showing the ongoing developments.


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