Spring and thoughts turn to the garden…

As the weather begins to warm up, planting of the Theatrical border is continuing at Strawberry Hill. This border comprises of a backdrop of Hornbeam trees behind an evergreen row of plants. The next staged arrangement of plants provides colour and scent. It is this row to which we are currently adding plants;  Acanthus, Danae and old English Roses. All the plantings are settling in well, the 10 tonnes of manure has improved the soil massively and is also holding any available moisture. The hose pipe ban for the area kicks in on the 5th of April so we are bringing the soil up to saturation point to give the plants and trees every chance.

Planting in our monastic themed Priors Garden is also continuing, with the addition of Helleborus and Viola. Our spring-flowering bulbs have done very well this year with different varieties of daffodil all in bloom.

We had a succesful day of tree surgery to our Walpole Oak (dated 1750), this was to remove deadwood and any limbs damaged by woodpeckers. this was followed by chipping a years worth of clearance pruning.  The resultant wood chip will be used as ground cover for our children’s amphitheatre.


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