So, with phase one of bulb planting complete (nobody mention to the volunteers that there is a phase two or I will be in big trouble!) last week it was time to wage war on some troublesome tree stumps around the garden. We hired in a stump grinder (see photo of scary looking machine below!) and set about removing six stumps. A full day was spent removing the largest stump which was in the middle of the front lawn and made mowing quite difficult. The turf was lifted, stump removed and then the area levelled and the turf replaced. Within a few weeks when the turf regrows it will be hard to imagine there was ever a stump in the first place!

Stump in the front lawn
Turf lifting
Jamie our apprentice wielding the stump grinder!
Jamie and Paul, one of our garden volunteers, forgoing the machine for brute force!
Turf replaced, with only a small hole to seed!


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