Making Meadows

So its been a while since our last post, mainly due to the fact we’ve been super busy planting our new meadow! Last month we took delivery of 5000 plug plants, all British natives, in order to create 1000sqm of meadow in the lawn under the lime grove. The whole team worked really hard on getting these plants into the ground, and 2500 holes and 5000 plants later none of us ever want to see another spade or plug plant again for quite some time!!!

5000 plugs ready to be planted

5000 plugs ready to be planted

The plants were supplied as well rooted 25mm plugs, this will give them a great chance at becoming established quickly and being able to compete with the existing grasses. The plants are bladder campion, teasel, red campion, birds foot trefoil, toadflax, selfheal, field poppy, ragged robin and knapweed. Yellow rattle plugs will also be planted when they become available this month.

well rooted plugs

well rooted plugs

Before we began planting the turf was mowed very short and the area scarified using spring tine rakes. We dug planting holes into the turf, which were turned over and replaced upside down, giving a square of bare earth into which the plugs could be planted. Two plugs of the same species were placed into each square.

4. holes

square section of turf removed and replaced upside down

6. meadow planting 2

the Tuesday team doing some planting

5. meadow planting 1

more planting by Team Tuesday

We had help with the planting from school children involved with Richmond Pupil Parliament and also from those attending the Feel Good Garden course here at Strawberry Hill. A huge thank you to all who helped us with the planting, it allowed us complete the task much more quickly!

7. poppies

The plants chosen are mainly perennials so will give colour year after year, we will also collect seed and propagate more plants each year to help fill out the meadow and also extend it to other areas.

The leftover plants have been potted up and are now available for sale from outside the shop, so visitors can have a go at creating their own meadow at home! All funds raised from this will go towards purchasing materials to allow us to propagate more meadow plants for next season.

plants now available for sale!

plants now available for sale!

We are also running free tours and talks about the meadow as part of the Chelsea Fringe Festival 2014, so why not come along and see how its done!

Details at


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