Flowering in the meadow

Lots of interesting things have started to flower in the meadow and so very excitedly today I grabbed the camera and had a poke about to see what i could find! Photos below…..


Giant scabious – Cephalaria gigantea

The giant scabious above is also now available as a postcard from the Strawberry Hill House shop, with all money raised going towards funding our next garden apprentice.

Yellow toadflax - Linaria vulgaris

Yellow toadflax – Linaria vulgaris

Greater stitchwort - Stellaria holostea

Greater stitchwort – Stellaria holostea

Bird's foot trefoil - Lotus corniculatus

Bird’s foot trefoil – Lotus corniculatus

Ragged robin - Lychnis flos-cuculi

Ragged robin – Lychnis flos-cuculi

Fox and cubs - Pilosella aurantiaca

Fox and cubs – Pilosella aurantiaca

Field poppy - Papaver rhoeas

Field poppy – Papaver rhoeas

Cocksfoot - Dactylis glomerata

Cocksfoot – Dactylis glomerata

Good old dandelion!

Good old dandelion!

A very brief wander through led to the identification of 15 different grass species, without even looking closely! Exciting times!

Check back soon as we will add more photos as the rest of the plants begin to come into their own.


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