New entrance path is complete!

Following on from our last post about the planting up of the new avenue entrance to the house and gardens, I’m pleased to say the planting is all but complete! Just the bulbs left to go in now…..

The image below shows the historic view of the road leading to the house during Walpole’s tenure, followed by pictures pre and post planting. I think you’ll agree that we are definitely moving towards offering visitors a similar approach to the house as they would have been greeted with during the 18th century (click on picture for larger image).

new avenue finished 2

The planting scheme will be extended throughout the wider car park over time by dividing and spreading around the herbaceous perennials chosen to be planted along the path.

The plants all follow a woodland theme and should thrive in this area once the hornbeams grow and cast a good amount of shade. We used a range of shrubs including Amelanchier, Euonymus and Cornus underplanted with herbaceous perennials including Sanguisorba, Tricyrtis and Amemone. We also added a number of British native wildflowers such as red and white campion and prunella to give extra ground cover.

2014-08-27 07.16.07 2014-09-01 12.34.24 2014-09-01 17.05.27

The above images show the area before the planting and whilst laying out the plants. The images below show the finished product!

2014-10-06 13.16.33 2014-10-06 13.16.45 2014-10-06 13.17.03


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