Continuing work around the horse shoe drive

With the entrance path all planted up we are starting to move around the horse shoe drive to the front of the house replanting the existing beds to match the country lane/woodland theme we are trying to create. Last week the Thursday team spent the day overhauling a previously weedy corner bed at the top of the driveway. We had already completed quite a lot of remedial work to the bed earlier in the spring, including adding a lot of organic matter and solving a problem with poor drainage caused by a heavily compacted layer about a metre below the surface.

See the photos below showing how the bed looked before and after, a big improvement I reckon!

north of priors beforenorth of priors before2  north of priorsnorth of priors 2

The picture below shows the (very nearly!) finished product. We have mulched the area with a good layer of very well rotted manure but unfortunately ran out about half way across the bed so are now awaiting another delivery! The gap left to the west of the bed will have an almond tree planted this autumn to mirror the tree on the other side of the fence in the Prior’s Garden. We will also be training ivy up the fence which will eventually cover the fence and be clipped to match the shape which can be seen in the photos below.

north of priors finished 2north of priors finished

The shrubs are various species of Cornus, which will grow fairly rapidly to fill the bed and will also provide great autumn and winter colour for the front of the house. They are also really tough and should withstand the fairly challenging conditions in this bed, including it’s tendency towards being quite wet!

Next we will be continuing on to the bed opposite this one and replanting to tie in with the rest of the new scheme….


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