Jack Kafka – Strawberry Hill Guest Blogger!

Today’s blog post comes from guest blogger Jack Kafka, who is a regular in the community gardening team here at Strawberry Hill and is currently completing three weeks work experience with us in association with The Princes Trust.

From Jack:

My Work Experience at Strawberry Hill House 3rd Nov – 21st Nov 2014

I have previously worked at Strawberry hill house, in the community gardens on a Tuesday afternoon. I very much enjoy the experience, I have met lots of new people and love the staff. They were so friendly and helpful.

As part of my princes trust programme, I have to complete three weeks of work experience. I instantly thought of Strawberry Hill House and asked Sally Stratton (Garden Outreach) if I could do my work experience there.

Strawberry hill welcomed me and I have completed many exciting tasks helping in the house and the amazing grounds with the incredibly supportive staff.

I feel I have learnt a lot here and feel confident in my gardening skills, and moving on for future jobs.

I helped the Tuesday volunteer team with their clearance mission in the woodland.

This involved taking taking the basal growth from the base of the trees and adding them to the dead hedge pile. As the layers rot down, the level of the hedge dropped down it we needed to add more layers to it gradually.

Myself and Iza really enjoyed our day around so helpful Jen and Lisa.

On Wednesday, supported by Anthony, in the morning I have planted Scilla bulbs in the front, which was one of my favourite jobs so far!

IMG_1760 IMG_1791 IMG_1645 IMG_1801 IMG_1646 IMG_1636

From the garden team:

The whole garden team have really enjoyed having Jack here for his work experience, we’ve had a lot of fun (and alot of cake) over the past three weeks! Thanks for all your hard work Jack!


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