Winter in the woodland

With winter, and the presence of an ice rink upon us we’ve taken to the woodland, and are focusing the entire winter on clearing, tree and shrub planting and installing features which add interest for visitors, such as insect hotels and dead hedges.

At the back of our woodland we have a story telling area, popular with children, and we are now working to create a ‘den building area’ nearby. Over the past couple of weeks the team have created a set of spiralling dead hedges which will house a den. Next we will continue working through the story telling area tidying and installing further seating for parents towards the rear. The dead hedges not only look quite attractive, but they are also a great haven for wildlife (and a brilliant way of disposing of prunings!).

IMAG0254 IMAG0255 IMAG0257 IMAG0258 IMAG0260 IMAG0261 IMAG0262 (1)

The first set of spirals are almost complete, keep checking back for more updates over the course of the winter!


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