Green roof update

Following the planting of the green roof last summer the team have been up on the roof this spring to do some work burying some irrigation hosing and filling some gaps with extra plants. Despite the very dry start to the year the roof is coming on nicely, and should continue to improve and be more self supporting from this season onward, as the plants begin to self seed and fill in any spaces.

We did find we had a bit of a problem with birds pulling up our plug plants last year! They seem to have favoured pulling up the grass plugs, so unfortunately we have had very few of the grasses survive, but the perennials are doing well!

green roof 1

The picture above shows the roof in early May with the soaker hose laid out ready for burying, its difficult to see from the picture but there are a lot of small self seeded wildflowers starting to really give a good amount of coverage.

green roof 2 green roof 3 green roof 4

Above are a few pics post burying of the hose, showing birds foot trefoil and ragged robin looking particularly nice in flower!

green roof 5 green roof 6

The pics above show the roof this week, with a good level of coverage and lots of plants beginning to really take off, including purple toadflax and bladder campion.


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