Improving access

We have always had a problem here with the section of lawn closest to the vehicle entrance flooding and ending up in a muddy mess any time we need to bring a vehicle into the gardens so recently the gardens team have bitten the bullet and consigned themselves to a weeks hard labour to install a new gravelled hard standing area inside the gateway!

We laid the gravel inside cellweb, which is actually designed for tree root protection but will work brilliantly here as it will allow the gravel to sit about 200mm deep and therefore allow rainwater to filter through but still have a dry surface to park on. First we had to excavate soil around the gateway to a depth of 200mm so that the gravel will eventually sit flush with the car park on the external side of the gate. The cellweb was then laid over a weed membrane and pinned into place with hooked rods. Finally a gravel board edge was fitted and then 6 tonnes of stone thrown on! See the pics below for the finished article!

The team are pleased with the outcome and once the surrounding areas have new turf laid it should look great….and solve our mud problem!!!

IMAG0518 IMAG0520 IMG-20150603-WA0000IMAG0522 IMAG0524 IMAG0529   IMG-20150610-WA0000IMAG0540


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