Hi everyone, its been a while since our last post as its been a hectic summer in the gardens here at Strawberry!

Over the course of this summer another key feature of Horace Walpole’s landscape has been restored to the gardens here. Historic images from the latter part of Walpole’s tenure at Strawberry Hill show that he installed a trellis in front of his ‘Theatrical Border’ which had six niches for orange trees to sit in. Earlier on this year the border was widened in preparation for the trellis, and the trellis was then installed and over the summer we have repaired the turf edge, laid slabs for the orange tree tubs to sit on and then finally planted up the trees into the large oak pots we had specially made. In front of the trellis there is a narrow flower border which we know from records was planted with Pinks during the summer season. We have planted this with wallflowers to give interest through the winter and spring.

The images below chart the entire process, from widening of the existing border through to planting the flower border!

It’s made a massive difference to the look of the border I’m sure you’ll agree!

historic 5historic 8

Above: Historic images showing the theatrical border with trellis and orange trees

widening the border

Above: widening the border ready for the trellis

trellis installed 2trellis installed

Above: installation of the trellis is complete!

cutting in edge

Above: Cutting in the damaged turf edge ready to accept new rolls of turf up its entire length

slab basemore potting potting orange treespotting

Above: Sandstone slabs were laid onto compacted sub base and concrete ready to stand the tubs on; potting the trees!

trees in place

Above: The orange trees all potted and in situ on their sandstone plinths

planting wallflowers       wallflowers trellis finished

Above: laying out and planting wallflowers – only red and yellow coloured wallflowers are correct for the period so we have gone for a mix of these; the finished trellis and flower border! Should look brilliant in spring when all the wallflowers are in flower. Just a bit more shrub planting behind the trellis left to do and the whole thing is complete!


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  1. All this restoration work you have been able to do is fascinating; I´m sure you could teach Spanish gardeners a thing or two especially around the gardens at the former summer palace of Aranjuez (Madrid region).

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