Open Garden Squares Weekend 2017

On Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th June this year we participated in Open Garden Squares Weekend for the first time. The event enables people to explore over 230 private, secret and little-known gardens across 27 London boroughs over one weekend. Gardens range from the historic and traditional to the new and experimental, and include private gardens, roof gardens, community allotments, gardens belonging to historic buildings, institutions, cafés, schools and shops.


The plant stall and information table was popular over the weekend

In the garden, we worked hard make it look as good as it could for the weekend. We weeded, edged, watered, weeded some more, tied-in the honeysuckle festooning the trees, trimmed shrubs, dead-headed and put woodchip down on the path in the woodland. The garden did in fact look great, even though I do say so myself, thanks to the efforts of the fantastic garden volunteers many of whom did extra days and others from different department who kindly helped out.


Honeysuckle festoons the tree in 18th century fashion

On the weekend itself, we had over 100 visitors through the doors with tickets for the event. The vast majority of these had never visited the property before and only did so because they read about it in the event guide book. We offered four garden tours on each day, all of which were well attended, we had an information table, plant stall and herb teas. And the sun shone!

All in all, the weekend was a great success. We managed to reach a wider audience, introducing new people to the wonders of Strawberry Hill House and Garden, and we had some lovely conversations with visitors along the way.

Thank you again to all those who helped out over the weekend and on the run up to it.


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