Our Trip to Painshill and a Fond Farewell

Today is my last day as Gardener-in-Charge at Strawberry Hill House. I have had a brilliant time managing this eighteenth-century treasure and looking after the garden volunteers that make it all possible. As a final outing with the volunteers we went to visit Painshill in Cobham, another eighteenth-century property but one that’s on a much grander scale. Karen Bridgman from the Painshill Trust has helped with the garden restoration at Strawberry Hill since the start and she kindly showed us around and explained the history and restoration of Painshill.

Painshill bridge

One of the many stunning views at Painshill

View from Gothic Temple across the lake

View from the Gothic Temple

And what a beautiful day it was too – the sun shone and all was good with the world.

Thank you to all those who make Strawberry Hill such a special place to work at. Good luck for the future.

Kate Robinson, Gardener-in-Charge



One thought on “Our Trip to Painshill and a Fond Farewell

  1. All the best and many thanks for such interesting emails. They have made a refreshing change to so much drought and arson fires in Spain this year.

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